Burlingame Pet Sitting understands our client’s busy schedules. We also understand that sometimes folks need a little extra help to care for their pets. Sometimes this need arises during work hours, due to recovering from illness, or a pet owner’s disability.

Since most of our customers work weekdays, during the same hours that Veterinarians and Groomers are open for business, our Pet Taxi Services are here to help. Many specialty shops and pet pharmacies are also only open during a client’s working hours.

We can pick up your pet from your home and safely transport them to their schedule appointments. We also secure each pet. Cats and other small pets are transported within their small kennel or carrier, and secured in the vehicle with seat belts. Dogs may be transported within their own carrier, or they are required to wear a harness to be strapped onto the seat belt.

For each appointment, you may request that we drop off your pet and return when their appointment is finished, or we may wait during the appointment in order to provide a swift ride home. Of course, pick-up and delivery of supplies may or may not require travel for your pet.

Upon returning your pet to your home, we will refresh their water and food as needed, and we will secure your home when we depart. Burlingame Pet Sitting is bonded and insured, so you know your pets are covered by our insurance during transport.