Little Dog Boarding


Burlingame Pet Sitting offers caring and friendly Little Dog Boarding for your small sized best friend under 15 pounds. Our Little Dog Boarding services include overnight stays in our home and provides your dog with daily supervision and activities. Your small dog will feel right at home with our two friendly Chihuahuas and our two loving cats. Dogs enjoy the ability to run directly outside from the interior play area to our specially designed enclosed patio and outdoor play area. Dogs can socialize with other dogs or spend time cuddled in a soft bed when they need to – they have the freedom and choice to enjoy their time with us as they feel most comfortable.Our Little Dog Boarding service ensures that your dog is not left alone overnight while you are away or traveling. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your dog will be having fun with professional supervision day or night.  Your dog will get to experience an interactive environment, build social skills, learn, make new friends, discover, grow confidence, and have a lot of fun!

Little Dog Boarding is $75 for a full day and overnight as needed

Schedule 3 days with us and save $10!

  1. Small Dog Boarding Information and Policies
    A full stay can begin at 8am to 10am the following day for just $75, or until 6pm for an additional $45. Please be sure that any other person who picks up or drops off your dog is aware of all policies. Schedule your dog’s stay with us early in order to ensure availability. Quoted fees are determined by your specified drop off and pick up times. If your timing or schedule changes – please notify us immediately so that we may make any adjustments to our other appointments. Full and final payment is due within 7 days advance from the time of the booking. Failure to pay within 7 days will result in cancellation of your requested boarding dates. No dates are held or scheduled until the total is paid in full. In the event of cancellation, paid fees are not refundable unless we receive a minimum of 14 days written notice via email.

    Holidays are $15.00 more per visit on the following days: Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, The day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.

    To attend Burlingame Pet Sitting Dog Boarding, your dog must be social and tolerant of other dogs as well as cats. Dogs that may be aggressive, or overly protective of toys and food, cannot be included in our Boarding groups.

    Dog Requirements:
    • Dogs should be at least 1 year old and fully house trained
    • Spayed or Neutered
    • Dogs must weigh under 15 pounds
    • Have a secure collar with ID attached
    • Be recently bathed and have trimmed nails
    • Protected by a topical flea & tick control such as: Front Line®, Advantage®, Comfortis®, or Revolution®
    • Current on the following vaccinations with proof: DHLPP (or similar), Bordetella (kennel cough), and Rabies

    Once your dog passes the screening questions, we will plan a ‘meet and greet’ on site. Some dogs will need to do a trial night of boarding at Burlingame Pet Sitting to see how things go before acceptance of a full boarding booking.

    Things to bring for your Dog:
    • Pre-packaged food in sealed Ziploc bags that is measured out for each feeding. Unfortunately, we cannot freely feed your dog and changing a dog’s diet or food type can cause a dog to feel unwell
    • Include enough food for a few extra feedings just in case your arrival home becomes delayed
    • Include a bed or blanket and toys or treats that your dog likes
    • Bring your dog’s leash (non-retractable only) and a collar with clearly marked ID tags
    • Supply your dog’s crate if you prefer for them to be crated at any time
    • Supply any vitamins or medications your dog needs
    • Bring enough supplies for your dog to last for your entire absence: There will be a $35 fee to “go shopping” for you, plus the purchase price of any items we need to buy.

    We want your dog to be comfortable and happy. If your dog becomes destructive, aggressive, or acts in any manner that would put the other dogs or our home in jeopardy — you will need to have an emergency contact who can be called to pick up your dog, or an alternate boarding facility that we can take them to. No refunds will be provided. If you do not provide an alternate, one will be chosen by Burlingame Pet Sitting and you will be responsible for any additional charges. While this has never happened because of our careful pre-screening process, we advise all clients just in case.

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