Burlingame Pet Sitting offers steps and suggestions in order to make a smooth and caring pet sitting experience for your pet. Your pet and your Pet Sitter need to work well together to help ensure that your pet is calm, secure, and happy.

Introductions Are Important

The initial consultation is the ideal time for your pet and sitter to meet and get to know one another. This can ensure that pets will be familiar with them when service begins. When you are away from your pet, it is a great idea to leave an article of clothing that you’ve recently worn nearby to your pet’s bed or favorite spot. Your scent can help your pet feel secure. Often a scarf or other item with your scent can be worn by the Pet Sitter to further calm a nervous pet. Burlingame Pet Sitting will require that you provide information for a Pet Information Form in order to provide the best service to you and your pet.

Know and Advise Us of Your Pets Schedules

All kinds of pets, especially cats, know when their beloved owner is away. Maintaining a consistent routine helps pets feel more at ease and adjust to your absence. Make sure to supply your pet’s favorite food and water dishes, toys, and treats. If your pet is on a special diet, please inform us. We will also need to know when to feed your pet, amount, and what your pet enjoys the most at different times of the day.

Stock Ample Pet Supplies

Please be sure that there will be enough food, toys, treats, litter, and favorite items for your pet during the time that you will be away. Your Pet Sitter also needs to know about the location of your pet carrier, pet bedding, food bowls, and your pet’s health care products. Cleaning supplies should be where they can easily be found if needed. (Note: If there is not sufficient cat litter available there will be a $45 fee if we have to leave to purchase extra litter.)