Provide Details about Your Home

Your Pet Sitter needs to know the time and date of your departure and return. Providing a detailed itinerary ensures that you can be reached in any emergency. They will also need to be aware of things around your home such as sinks that don’t drain properly, toilets that overflow, tricky door locks, and any other pertinent information. Let the Sitter know the areas in which your pet is not allowed, where your thermostat is and how to operate it, and where supplies are located. Thermostats shall be set at a comfortable temperature for your pets while you are away. Additional details such as whether anyone else will be in your home during your absence, or if your pets are allowed outdoors; are also important. We ask that you ensure that your yard is secure; gates are locked, and any other security details are described as needed.

Your Emergency Contact Information

Provide your Pet or House Sitter all of the information for how to reach you: mobile phone, hotel name, hotel location, room number, and any other information about where you will stay. Include a phone number for a local neighbor, friend, or family member. If you rent your home, your Sitter should have your landlord’s name as well. Ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your home and let them know that a Pet Sitter will be coming to visit while you are away. Provide them with a key in case of an emergency, or in the event the Sitter cannot make a scheduled visit due to the weather or a traffic emergency.

Home Security Information

If your home has an alarm system, inform your Sitter of any codes or timers. For evening visits, setting your lights with a timer will help your home appear occupied, keep your Sitter safe, and make your pets feel more at ease.