Pet Sitting Cats Into 2019

We’ve met many new whiskers and tails this past year. From Bunnies to Parrots, it has been most interesting. The individual personalities of all of the pets that I take care of never ceases to amaze me. Definitely a major common favorite with all the cats I have cared for is their WATER and the vessel which it is in. They are very particular about this. I have pet owners that have tall glasses, pitchers, buckets, automatic water fountains of all shapes and sizes. It is very clear, that this is the one thing that must never be messed with! A few of them enjoy drinking from the kitchen or bathroom faucet. It’s hilarious!

Miu Miu eats raw lamb and beef. He absolutely must get outside every day or you will find him running circles inside the living room. He actually will walk with you on a leash. That is… as long as you keep walking. Turning around to head back is a big no no with him and he will immediately flop down on the ground like a beached whale and refuse to move. Everyone in the neighborhood knows him and it’s known that his girlfriend lives one house down.

Bo loves people and does not enjoy staying alone. When you go over to visit, he will get into a frenzy practically howling. This also includes following you by walking in between your legs causing you to trip over your own feet. He prefers to snack on his kibble instead of regularly eating a full meal. If you try to take a pic of him, he will playfully jump at you and your phone will go flying! This was one of those rare moments where he was deeply immersed in PURRING and quite content to just hang out on couch. Sometimes when you leave he might attempt to prevent you by grabbing at your ankles.

Minou kept her owner company for years at her Retirement Home. Minou is a gentle cat and was adored with a lot of love, spending hours laying in her owner’s lap. Recently she moved to her daughter’s home and now is the sole pet of the house. She has her own bedroom with all the toys a cat could dream of, fabulous new scratching posts and a lovely window to watch the birds fly by. She has settled in just fine and now ventures around the house gleefully seeking out new things to sniff and different corners of the house to investigate. Not to mention her new organic diet! Her favorite thing is to burrow under the covers.

Y’Shtola is one fluffy furry feline. Her paws are huge like a bear! She is quite the chatterbox, meowing in different melodies. An outdoor enthusiast, she enjoys chasing birds and nibbling on grass. She even has a friend next door who visits her in the yard. Her main exit is the cat door. Once a raccoon made the mistake of daring to think that it could enter the house via her door. Ahem… noooo! She wouldn’t have it. It was the ultimate stare down and she stood her ground, clearly stating her boundaries to the raccoon. She has an awesome cardboard scratch condo that she loves to sit on top of and massage her mittens on, as if she was making pizza dough.