We love providing you and your pets with reliable service!

Burlingame Pet Sitting asks that all customers utilize a key storage lock box that can hold a minimum of two sets of keys, or at least two duplicate keys to your home.

Why two keys?

In order to ensure that a backup key is always available in case one breaks or becomes lost, two are ideal. The key storage box needs to also be opened via a combination code. If you already have a lock box for your keys, just let us know before you schedule your next service with us.

A secure key storage lock box means that a key will always be available at your residence for your Pet Sitter to care for your precious pet. Key storage lock boxes such as those from Vault Locks, Master Lock, or Lion Locks are good choices. Many retail and hardware stores carry them, as well as online shopping websites. The lock boxes range from $20 to $37 in price.

Hang your key storage box in an easily accessible location that is not too obvious such as a railing, fence, outdoor pipe, shed door, or doorknob. Then, simply notify us of how to find it and what the combination is. If for any reason you cannot have a key box at your home, contact us right away and an alternative arrangement may be made for you.

The benefits of a key storage lock box:

• Your keys do not need to be frequently dropped off, carried around, or picked up again.

• If you move, you can take the key box with you wherever you go.

• Your loved ones will have access to your home in case of an emergency.

• Having just one spot for keys actually decreases the chance of losing them or having them taken.

The combination you choose, and the location of your lock box, will be entered into your private and secure Client Information Records. The only people who may access your information will be your Pet Sitter and their emergency backup. Verify that your code for the lock box works well, and be sure to notify us if you change the combination while using our services. Also, please test all of your keys to make sure that they properly work before placing them into your lock box.

A backup set of keys or a duplicate key is required.

This is because if one key should break or accidentally becomes lost your sitter would become locked out of your residence if there is not another key available. If a Locksmith is needed – a minimum of $130 will be your responsibility (as well as payment for the time we must wait with your pet).