Today, we’re officially starting to blog… so here goes! Starting the morning off with my coffee in my favorite mug. Yesterday, I walked two adorable ginger and buff miniature poodles accompanied by a Yorkie who decided after about five minutes that she didn’t want to get any exercise! Naughty! She let me know by sitting her little bum down and daintily posing a faux bite on her leash. I tried to convince her to get up and walk, but noooooo… she wasn’t having it. Meanwhile, the two Poochies (puppies!) were having a blast, marching on full speed ahead, jumping and twirling! I knew this little lady was used to getting her way so I picked her up and carried her, then set her down and she would walk for a block and then I would scoop her up again and carry her and then let her walk again till she had enough. She had spent the morning at the beauty salon so she had a busy day!! The two Poodles, (sisters) were just loving sniffing new trees, plant beds, new smells beyond their back yard. I guess if you’re a dog, it’s like a ‘sniffing’ adventure!